The European Case Handling Workshop, 2022 accomplished in Tbilisi

2022-11-20 17:05:55

The European Case Handling Workshop, 2022 organized by the Personal Data Protection Service of Georgia accomplished today in Tbilisi.

More than 50 delegates of personal data protection authorities from 26 countries attended the meeting.

The second working day of the forum, held on November 17-19, was devoted to the discussion of the following emerging topics: Data Protection in Social Media and Domestic Exemption; International Data Transfer; Personal Data and Artificial Intelligence; Data Breaches from Data Security Aspects.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were introduced to the concept of the 2023 workshop by the representative of the personal data protection authority of the next ECHW host country, particularly, the Swiss data protection authority.  

In total, more than 25 representatives from 16 countries shared their experiences with the participants in the scope of the event. Legal Adviser to the President of the Personal Data Protection Service of Georgia – Nikoloz Popiashvili, also, gave a speech on the topic of planning of inspection from the perspective of Georgia. The Head of the International Relations, Analytics and Strategic Development Department of the Service – Ana Tokhadze and the Head of the Legal Department of the Service – Davit Karashvili moderated the thematic panels on the first and second working days. On the second working day, the thematic panel regarding data protection in social media and domestic exemptions was moderated by Mr. Bradley Tosso – Director of Information Rights and Operations at the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.

In addition to the working format, various social activities were planned for the participants of the workshop to familiarize them with the history and culture of Georgia.

“European Case Handling Workshop” is an annual international forum to share the best practices in the field of privacy and personal data protection through the participation of data protection supervisory authorities from different countries.