The State Inspector’s Service Delivered a Training on Personal Data Protection Issues to the Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

2021-06-01 18:22:59
The State Inspector’s Service delivered a training on personal data protection issues to the newly appointed regional witness and victim coordinators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. Up to 15 representatives of the Ministry participated in the training course.

In order to carry out its duties, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia processes large volume of personal and special categories of data including in the juvenile justice process. Accordingly, raising qualification of the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will significantly enhance personal data protection standards, prevent violations by the employees in their day-to-day work and will promote establishing a unified practice. 

The training covered problematic issues of processing personal data related to women and domestic violence, and provided appropriate recommendations. Special emphasis was made on the importance of protecting the confidentiality and proper processing of minors’ personal data. Additionally, precedents and practice of the Service were discussed.

The training was conducted in the framework of the CoE Project “Juvenile and Adult Detainees Support” (JADES) and was led by the representative of the State Inspector’s Service, Joni Choniadze. The training was interactive, the participants asked questions and discussed topical issues relevant to them.

The State Inspector’s Service is actively working to improve personal data protection standards in the law enforcement sector. Through collaboration with the international organizations and target institutions, the Service will continue to actively train and improve the qualification of the relevant groups in the future.