Personal Data Protection Ambassadors Underwent an Enhanced Training Course

2021-05-27 18:33:13
Personal Data Protection Ambassadors of the State Inspector’s Service underwent a three-day training course. The course was conducted in the framework of cooperation between the State Inspector’s Service, European Union and United Nations Development Programme.

The course aimed at preparing the participants theoretically and improve their practical skills. Consequently, young ambassadors will more actively engage in public awareness-raising process across the country and provide citizens with information about their rights.   

The three-day preparatory course comprised different parts and was built on hands-on training. This enables participants to use gained knowledge in practice properly and develop personal skills. The participants underwent training on the issues of effective communication, Effective presentation, public speaking, working with the audience and facilitation.

Young ambassadors got acquainted in detail with personal data protection legislation, as well as the practice of the Service and the new draft law on personal data protection. The theoretical part of the training focused on both national and European standards. The training covered important issues such as the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to privacy and the practice of the ECtHR. With the participation of the Deputy State Inspector, Sophio Jiadze and other staff members of the Service, the personal data protection ambassadors discussed future plans of the project and innovative ideas in this regard that will increase interest in personal data protection issues among youngsters and citizens.

At the end of the training, the participants were awarded with certificates. The training course was led by visiting trainers – Konstantin Korkelia, Tea Gvelesiani and senior lawyer at the Public Sector Oversight Department of the Service – Salome Kurasbediani.

The State Inspector’s Service launched the “Personal Data Protection Ambassadors” project in 2020. The purpose of the project is to support students’ development and raise public awareness on personal data protection issues. The personal data protection ambassadors were selected from the students of different universities across the country. Awareness-raising campaigns with their participation will actively continue in Tbilisi and the regions.