On 10 May the State Inspector’s Service Day Is Being Celebrated

2021-05-10 20:32:41


The State Inspector’s Service, established on 10 May 2019, is an independent institution, accountable to the Parliament.

2020 was the first year when the Service had been functioning with the three most important duties throughout the year.

The role of the State Inspector’s Service in human rights protection field is essentially important, namely: it controls lawfulness of personal data processing in Georgia; monitors covert investigative actions and investigates violent crimes committed by a representative of law enforcement body and civil servants.

Despite the situation caused by the coronavirus, limited human and infrastructural resources, legislative and practical difficulties encountered by the Service in performing its official duties, in 2020, the State Inspector’s Service made every effort to ensure control of lawfulness of personal data processing and covert investigative actions; As well as to ensure effective investigation into certain crimes committed by a law enforcement officer, civil servant or a person equivalent to a civil servant. The State Inspector’s Service has not stopped performance of its functions for a single day and managed to adapt to the pandemic conditions in a short period of time in such a way that, on the one hand, a safe working environment was created and, and on the other hand, the work process was carried out efficiently.

The Service continues strengthening institutional capacities and aspires towards the main goal – to create strong institution, which enjoys high public trust.

The activities related to the State Inspector’s Service Day are being carried out with the support of the European Union (EU) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).