The State Inspector Londa Toloraia held a meeting with the EU Ambassador in Georgia

2019-08-23 16:58:55


The State Inspector Londa Toloaria held a meeting with the Political Affairs Officer of the United States Embassy in Georgia, Juan Jose Aparicio, Specialist in Political Affairs, Mediko Kochoradze and Carolina Kaufman.

Juan Jose Aparicio highlighted the role of Londa Toloraia in the process of establishment of Human Rights Protection Department and wished the Inspector success on her new position.

The Political Affairs Officer also noted that the United States Embassy is eager to enhance cooperation with the State Inspector and expressed readiness to support envisaged plans and activities.

The State Inspector provided information to the representatives of the US embassy regarding ongoing activities and future plans. Within the frames of the meeting, the parties discussed the draft law on Personal Data Protection which has been passed to the Parliament of Georgia, as well as the activities related to the investigative functions to become operational.

Juan Jose Aparicio discussed the issues that relate to operation of the investigative and personal data protection functions of investigation under one institution and expressed support to the State Inspector in the process of overcoming the obstacles regarding those directions.