How can I request rectification, erasure or update of data?

If your data are incomplete, inaccurate, out-of-date or collected or processed in violation of the statutory requirements, you are entitled to request a rectification, update, completion, blocking (temporary suspension of data processing), erasure or destruction.
You may chose how you communicate the request. You can do this verbally, as well as in a written form. Data controller is obliged to comply with your request within 15 days after receiving your request or inform you about the grounds for rejection.
Until the final decision is made on rectification, update, completion, erasure or destruction of your personal data, you may request blocking of data, in other words to demand that processing of data stops temporarily. Data controller makes a decision on blocking the data within 3 days after receiving your request.
Often, data are processed in full compliance with the legal requirements, however, the data are inaccurate. In this case they must be rectified. This does not automatically imply erasure and destruction of old inaccurate data. Possibly a reference will be made indicating that the old records were inaccurate.
It is important to know that a request for rectification, update, completion, blocking, erasure or destruction of data does not mean that the request will be complied with on all occasions. If data are processed in accordance with the law and after examining specific circumctances data controller determines that the request is unlawful, the request may be rejected.