The Inspections Department

Inspections Department

The Inspections Department is responsible for the verification of the legitimacy of the data processing through planning, organizing and conducting inspections. The Department implements the inspection methodology based on international standards, as well as ensures efficient oversight over the law enforcement bodies, monitors implementation of the informational security standards while processing the personal data, implements projects in order to raise data protection and security standards.

The department consists of the Public and Private Sector Oversight Unit and Law-Enforcement Bodies Oversight Unit.

The main functions of the Department are:

  • To implement standardized inspection methodology on the basis of the auditing, risk assessment, informational security and other related standards established by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and other international organizations;
  • To conduct planned inspections of public and private organizations on the basis of the situation analysis;
  • To inspect the legitimacy of the data processing on the basis of the complaint of individuals and information received from the other sources (unscheduled inspection);
  • To ensure efficient monitoring of the covert investigational activities of the law enforcement bodies through the electronic control system, two-step electronic system and special data bank electronic control system as well as on the basis of the analysis of the information provided by the court, prosecution and electronic communication companies;
  • To consult any interested person and organization on the issues of the data security;
  • To ensure planning, organizing and implementation of the activities needed for the improvement of the activities of the department;
  • Analyzing of the legitimacy of the data processing in the different areas.

The staff of the Department consists of:

  • Head of Department
  • Situation Analysis Manager
  • Head of the Law-enforcement Oversight Unit
  • Head of the Public and Private Sector Oversight Unit
  • Senior Data Security Analyst
  • Data security Analyst
  • Senior Auditor
  • Auditor

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